About Us

Nick Arapi was born in Albania and moved to the island of Mykonos in Greece, where he was raised from the time he was a toddler. His mother was always in the kitchen and he used to help her prepare meals at an early age. When he was 18 Nick started working in professional kitchens learning all he could about food. After High School, he graduated culinary school in
Greece and continued to work in restaurants until the year 2000 when he and his family immigrated to America. Nick had a dream to open his own establishment and in 2001 he opened the
first Nick’s Diner in Clinton Township Michigan. He opened a second location in 2004 and operated in Michigan for 6 years. When he and his family decided they wanted to move to a warmer climate they packed their belongings and moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he opened his third restaurant in 2007.
After a year in Phoenix he found a location that he thought would be perfect for a Diner and opened Nick’s Diner in Surprise on Reems Rd. In 2012 as the Diner started to continue to grow in popularity he had to look for a bigger location and opened Nick’s Diner II in Surprise on Litchfield Rd.
Nick believes in cooking all his products from scratch and only serving the highest quality with the best prices available to his customers. Nick’s Diner is very family oriented and the entire staff treats everyone that walks in the door like they are a part of Nick’s family. Nick’s philosophy is “Let our family feed your family”
Please enjoy your visit to Nick’s Diner II Where Hunger Meets
It’s Match!